Thursday, October 4, 2012

31 days challenge. Day 3: yellow nails

Hi everyone! 

For day 3 i wanted to do something more than just paint my nails yellow. And then i remembered a manicure i saw a while ago and that i even have the same polishes that i've bought to recreate the manicure.

It's not entirely yellow, but i tried to leave at least 60% of the surface yellow. I'm using Misa Endless Keys and Misa Under My Sunbrella here, both are, respectively, warm yellow and tangerine orange shimmer/glimmer in correspondendly coloured jelly bases. They're not too opaque and i don't think they were meant to be. However, they open endless opportunities for layering, and this is exactly what i did here (i didn't use the sponge method for this gradient). 

For this manicure apply 2 coats of Under My Sunbrella over a base coat, then cover about half the nail (or more or less, depending on how do you want the colors to correlate) with Endless Keys, repeat on all nails, then cover your tips with another coat of Endless Keys, top it all with a coat of your favorite top coat (i'm using INM OTD, as usual) et voila!

3 down, 28 to go! Green nails tomorrow!


  1. So pretty, I love this! Great pictures too :)

  2. its more orangey than yellow. I kid you not xD
    also are you not going insane by coloring your nails every day in a different color?xD

  3. мне тоже очень нравится это сочетание, надо все-таки купить обе мисы и сделать градиент)