Thursday, October 4, 2012

31 days challenge. Day 2: orange nails

Hi everyone :)

As it's rainy and cloude in Moscow these days, i wanted something really bright on my nails. And then i remembered i had this awesome in terms of color but terrible, as all neons, in terms of application polish, China Glaze Sun Worshipper, or a Zoroastrian, as i like to call it :D Check out the article on Zoroastrianism on Wikipedia to find out why.

It's the second time i've used it. When i was painting my nails for the first time, i didn't even know it was a neon. I thought it was something i'd hoped Papaya Punch would be - a nice mango orange bordering yellow. It is, actually, but it's neon, not a creme.

Still, i love it. This time i layered it over a plain white creme (Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear White On), i used 2 coats of Sun Worshipper and, to be completely honest, it could use a third one. As neons dry semi-matte, i topped it with a coat of INM OTD (but i do it all the time, i never wear nail polish without top coat).

The quality of the photos isn't the best today, i'm very sorry, it's getting dark sooner and sooner. Sigh. Summer, could you please come back? I could even sacrifice my birthday that is on 19th.

More photos under cut, and stay tuned for yellow nails tomorrow!


  1. хорошо выглядит на белом)) в следующий раз точно его на что-нибудь нанесу, вместо мучений с шестью слоями)

  2. красооотааа такая! хочу хочу хочу!

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  4. oh this is so vibrant. I am doing it too, I am on day 4!

  5. ООО, у меня с него начался мой лакоблог, но у меня не вышло все-таки передать его бешено-яркую сущность. Суперские фотки его!