Monday, October 1, 2012

Polish Us Pink: Nabi Magnetic nail polish Cinnamon swatches & review

Hello, everyone!

Until this year, October was only special to me, because my birthday is in October and so is my father's. This year, I learnt that October is also Breast Cancer Awareness month. The Subtle Shimmer is holding Polish Us Pink days, which are basically 5 Mondays of October, on which we post pink nail polish! Learn more here, and if you are a fellow blogger, you'll find the inlinkz code to join the event there, too.

The first polish i'm featuing at Polish Us Pink days is Nabi Magnetic in Cinnamon. It arrived about a month ago from evilbay and was sitting in my stash waiting for its moment. As I had intented to do ABC challenge (you choose the nail polish you're going to wear by its name, in accordance with the alphabet), too, and this was day 3, i had the letter 'C'. I've also decided to do the 30(31) days nail art challenge, starting from tomorrow, so ABC will have to wait.

I'm sorry to say that the nail polish kind of disappointed me. It has a metallic finish, thus it's quite brush -strokey, but i would have forgiven it, if the magnetic effect show well. I even used Layla magnet instead of the original Nabi one (which Scrangie said was hald as strong as the Layla one), but the effect still was very subtle. visible only under certain angles and nearly unnoticeable if you look directly on your nails. In addition, the formula was really goopy, so 2 coats felt like 5. And finally, the dry time was ve-e-e-e-ry long.

I'm going to give it another try when i have more experience with magnetic nail polish (this was my first attempt), but judging by the swatches of it i've seen on the Internet, I think the problem is the polish, not me.

Now, onto the photos.

 natural light, no flash
 natural light, no flash
 natural light, with flash
 natural light, with flash
natural light, no flash; how it looked 90% of time

Remember that you can click on the photos to see them in full size (900x600pxs)

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  1. It's a very pretty colour:). Never heard of the brand before - who makes it?