Thursday, October 18, 2012

Karma Duty series. Comparison of teals: Nubar Stylish Peacock vs. Orly Sapphire Silk vs. OPI Ski Teal We Drop

Hi everyone!

I was supposed to post a black&white nail art, but I kind of messed that up so I'm going to redo it, and for now I have a comparison for you. Personally I love this kind of posts, so I hope you'll enjoy it, too.

So this was actually inspired by a lady from a Russian LiveJournal nail community, who requested a comparison between Nubar Stylish Peacock and OPI Ski Teal We Drop. It was actually so long ago even I don't remember. As my 18th birthday is approaching (it's tomorrow!), i'm cleaning up all my karma duties :)

The moment I pulled out the bottles out of my stash, I knew they were nowhere the same or even similar (well, to us, polish addicts, that is). So i decided to compare them to another teal I have in my collection, that is Orly Sapphire Silk.

By the way, I couldn't believe my eyes, but I only have 3 teal creams in my shash! The advantage is that that means I can order more without feeling ashamed of it :D

Onto the comparison, here's a bottle comparison pic.

More photos and some text under the cut :)

Pinky - Nubar Stylish Peacock
Ring - Orly Sapphire Silk
Middle - OPI Ski Teal We Drop
Index - Nubar SP
Thumb - Orly SS

I've already reviewed Nubar SP, so if you want a broader description of it, please read it there :)

All three polished apply exceptionally well, dry quite fast and are opaque enough after just 1 coat. In terms of color, no dupes here, Nubar SP being the most green, lightest and dustiest of the three, and most dense-looking, while OPI STWD is the darkest, most blue and has almost a crelly-like appearance...all that still staying in the 1-coater lines! Orly SS is what i think the child of SP and STWD would be like, it's sort of in between them, bluer than Nubar but greener than STWD, less dusty than Nubar but more dusty than STWD and so on. It's more like Nubar than like OPI, though, so  if you need to choose 2, take the OPI and either Nubar or Orly. But really, they're different enough to justify having all 3 of them in your collection, they make a perfect ombre and all of them are 1-coaters!

All photos show 2 coats of each nail polish (just for swatching purposes, though!) over a base coat and without a top coat.

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