Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Geometrical manicure v.2

Hi everyone :)

This is the other geometrical manicure i did before going to Malta. I like it much more than the first one, to be honest :) I loved the color combination & it was my travel mani, too, so it lasted about 5 days on me - a record!

I used Nubar Baby Blue, Nubar Faded Jeans and Orly Prelude To A Kiss to create it. The last two pics are more color accurate, as they were taken outside in the natural light, while the first two - in a cafe with artificial warm light, at it was quite dim there, but i love the photos nonetheless. Thanks go to my bestie Veronika for taking the photos for me :)

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Malta haul or nail polish in Malta!

Hi everyone, here i am back from Malta!

Before leaving i raped Google, and the only thing it would tell me is that i would't have any nail polish shopping there. 'Okay', i thought, 'then i'll just order nail polish online when i'm back'. I'll still order it, i'm in love with the new Zoyas and OPIs, and i'll be sure to pick up a couple of Essies, as well. However, i did bring some nail polish with me from that paradise on Earth :)

So, nail polish in Malta:

Gabrini ? (номер содрался вместе со скотчем, которым я заматывала лаки в дорогу), 322, 356

Beauty UK 62 Street Rose, 75 Smokey Lilac, 70 Plum, 38 Burgundy

 Layla Magneffect 07 Metallic Sky, 06 Golden Nugget, Ceramic Effect 13

Essence Ticket To The Show & Front Row Or Backstage?, Naj-Oleari 71 (it's glitter, but it's MATTE so i suspect...SUEDE ^____^)

Prestige NLW – 67 Orangerie, 70 Thaiti

 Revlon Facets Of Fuchsia, Radiance, Grape Fizz

 Givenchy (supposedly, since i couldn't find either of them online, but they might as well be just old :D) Baby Vernis 52, Vernis Brilliant Couture 603 Corail Empire

Max Factor Fantasy Fire x2, Odyssey Blue 

Where to find nail polish:
1. Franks and other beauty shops chains
2. Pharmacies, both chain and individual. Those sometimes carry real jems!
3. Anywhere. I bought my Beauty UK, Gabrini and Essence ones at a shop in Valetta called Pushka that actually carries clothes, not cosmetics (still, they had those displays, and i couldn't miss the opportunity :D)
All in all i'm very satisfied with my purchase. I really didn't expect to buy any, and i returned with FANTASY FIRE (yes, i have to capslock :D)

Oh, also i picked up my nail mail - 3 OPI Suedes & Mermaid's Tears! I'm almost in nail polish nirvana :D

Friday, August 3, 2012

China Glaze Happy Go Lucky swatches & review + NOTD

Hello everybody!

China Glaze Happy Go Lucky from Up & Away Collection is a bright creme that is opaque in 2 coats. The formula of this one is quite thick, so you need to be careful at the cuticle area unless you want to end up with nasty bald spots :)

This polish is a blast of sunshine! I've worn it twice in the past month, and it's become my go-to polish if i feel upset and need to cheer myself up. 

I used a coat of Nail Tek Foindation II, 2 coats of Happy Go Lucky and a coat of INM Out The door for this mani.

The next day this polish made the perfect base for some geometrical manicure :)

Ugh, the colors look washed out again, i don't know what to do with that :( Anyway, the orange is Skinfood or006 and the dark blue one (yes, it's dark blue, not black like it appears in the pictures %)) is Nubar Dark Wash Jeans. The manicure lasted 3 days on me before i grew tired of it and took it off - something that never happens with me, i change nail polish because it has chipped off (and because i need to swatch many other for my blog :D), not because i'm tired of it!