Sunday, April 22, 2012

Essie Turquoise & Caicos and Color Club Platinum Record review and swatches

Hi everyone, 

One of my orders arrived yesterday and i finally saw my first China Glaze, Misa, Essie etc. polishes. I had a hard time choosing which to wear, to be honest! Finally, i landed with the first polish i'd put in the shopping cart - Essie Turquoise & Caicos. I also decided to play with Color Club Platinum Record and perform 'accent finger' technique on my nails. 

All pictures were taken without flash. 

natural light

I think everyone is pretty much aware of Turquoise & Caicos's characteristics. A jelly, it was quite pleasant to apply, except for that it tends to patch near the cuticle line if you brush over it several times. You don't expect this kind of polishes to be completely opaque in 1 or even 2 coats, but that's what we love them for, right? Anyway, here you see 3 coats. I can still see a tiny hint of smiley, but that's fine with me. The color is more vivid that it is in the photos, I couldn't get them to appear completely precise in the blog, despite the fact they're accurate in Photoshop. 

artificial light

Color Club is a gorgeous glitter in transparent base. It includes hexagons of 2 sizes and small round-shaped glitter. I read such glitters are tricky to apply, and this one is no exception. Still, it's a wonderful polish and, to my mind, a great substitution to Nubar White Polka Dots. Other its advantages are that it's easier to find (well, at least it was so for me)  and that it's cheaper. 

natural light

All in all, i'm very happy with these two. I can't say much about longevity as it's been about 20 hours since i did my nails, but they've been in tight contact with water and the manicure hasn't moved an inch, which is quite unusual for my nails. 

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Friday, April 13, 2012

Dance Legend 350 review and swatches

So here I am with the very first post at vicerimus. I'm very excited, to be honest!

The other day i had my manicure and i asked to paint my nails with OPI 'I Have A Herring Problem'. Today i had to remove it, but i've decided i totally need it in my stash! The weather in Moscow has been terrible lately, it's the middle of April and the snow started to melt only a couple of days ago, so I decided to go for something bright. Maybe that'll help conjure some sun and warmness, who knows :3 Anyway, enough rambling and on to the nails!

Dance Legend is a russian nail polish brand. Their niche is 'affordable good quality' and the price varies from about 5$ to 10$ depending on the texture of the polish. They have all kinds of polishes: cremes, jellies, thermo, magnetic etc. etc. My only problem with them is that I've always been sceptical about russian products, and given the price of, say, China Glaze is approximately the same, I'd rather choose CG over DL.

DL 350 is a jelly that is nearly opaque in 2 rather thin coats. It looks completely opaque indoors, but is a tiny bit transparent outdoors. It's not like you can clearly see the smile of your nail but rather a hint of it.

The application is fair. I didn't notice any streaking or pooling. While the first coat appears quite sheer, the second makes things more opaque. Use a more solid second coat for a comptelely opaque look.

The polish itself has a satin finish, and I'd even call the color neon. As I'm a fan of gloss, I always use a top coat over it. As for color, DL 350 is a beautiful and very bright pink, almost a fuchsia.

taken with flash

As for longevity, nail polishes don't live a long life on my nails, speaking frankly, but this one is quite durable to my standarts, staying there for 3 days with minor chipping on condition that I use a base and a top coat (I've never tried wearing a polish without them, though, - i'm too afraid my nails will become yellow or something else)

Well, this is it for today, thank you for your attention + the comment box is all yours :)