Thursday, September 13, 2012

Color Club Incognito swatches & review

I felt like nude polish the other day, and i've been eyeing this beauty for some time already, so i finally took it off my nail polish shelf and gave it a go.

Color Club Incognito is from Spring 2011 collection called Alter Ego. It looks quite pink on me though i believe it's actually brown-based. 3 coats below, because it was the third day of wear and the surface was quite scratched - my dog's fault rather than the polish'es. You can certainly get away with 2 coats - i actually preffered 2, they looked more 'airy'. I'd say it's a crelly (a creme and jelly hybrid) or a really opaque jelly, because it has this quishy look that's characteristic of jellies.

I should really pay more attention to Color Club. They're chip, dry time is a flash, i've loved the formulas so far, the brush is easy for me to control - this is coming from a person with extremely shaky hands.

All in all, Incognito is a wonder pallete cleanser and a wonderful nude. The next day i spiced it up with red tips (tested Essie Limited Addiction borrowed from a friend of mine. I need this beauty in my life asap.), but it chipped before i'd had a chance to take some pictures. Well, no wonder since there were 9 coats of polish overall... (basecoat, 2 coats of Incognito, 1 coat of INM OTD, 1 coat of Incognito, I coat of INM OTD, 2 coats of Limited Addiction in my tips, a generous coat of OTD)

Also, please excuse dry cuticles!

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