Sunday, September 23, 2012

A-england Galahad swatches & review

Hi everyone!

This week has been really busy, i've painted and taken photos of my nails, but simply couldn't find the time to write a post, it's so sad! But at least now i have some stockings :)

Before i turn to the nail polish, i'd like to let you know about 2 awesome giveaways held at the moment, one by Peace, Love and Polish, another by Nail Polish Anon.

I've heard a lot of great things about a-england nail polishes. It's always seemed to be that if there was one indie company each nail blogger should have a nail polish by in their collection, it would be a-england. The only downside i've read about was the rather long dry time, but you were compensated with astonishing pigmentation and colors.

Yet, speaking honestly, i found and still find the regular price of a-england nail polishes too high, but i nevertheless wanted them! So when Adina had a sale a while ago, and all polishes from The Mythicals collection were discounted by 50%, i squeed with joy and rushed to order some gems from it. My order included Galahad. It's worth mentioning that Galahad is one of my favorite Knights, and i love the turquoise color, so i was really looking forward to this polish!

Of course, you must have already seen gazillion of swatches of this beauty, so i didn't focus on the photos this time, and decided that i'd better told you about my impression.

Galahad is a nice 1 to 2 coater cream, depending on how thin coats you're doing. It's very pigmented, beautiful turquoise, very name-appropriate. Also very glossy, i'm wearing it with INM OTD here, but i honestly couldn't see the difference between the natural gloss of the lacquer and when it was enhanced by OTD. I associate this color with purity, dignity, virtue, and i couldn't stop staring at my nails the day i wore it.

Unfortunately, not only the dry time was quite long, as expected, but it turns out that a-england chips quite fast on me. I've tried Tristam an Galahad on so far, and both of them chipped after only 1,5 days of wear. I usually expect my nail polish to last at least 2 days on me, but you know what? The color are so wonderful i don't care, i will repaint my nails every day if that's what it takes me to wear a-england.

To sum it up, a-england is an awesome brand, and its polishes leave a general great impression. I with the price tag wasn't so stingy, but i can hope that Adina will hold a sale of the Legends sometime. If that moment ever comes, my avoirs will start to sing romances :D

PS: I'm also taking part in Sparkling Saturdays , you should check it out! It's a "place to post your best nail art or your best nail art from the week", as described in the info :) My design for this week is the fishtail accent nail manicure.