Sunday, May 13, 2012

Color Club Sweetpea & The Sunday Nail Battle: DIY Sticky with Orly You're Blushing

Hi everyone :) Today I'd like to show to you my NOTD with a twist.

So first I decided to paint my nails with Color Club Sweetpea. It's a lovely warm based violet cream that paints inself. No kidding, i have a really unsteady hand (nerves+too much coffee), but I don't remember it tremble so severely it dod today. Still, I ended up with an even look without any nasty gaps in just 2 coats! Now I know my go-to polish if I even need to paint my nails while being drunk :D

What you're looking at are 1 basecoat coat (a Russian one, Smart Enamel 3 in 1), 2 coats of Color Club Sweetpea and 1 coat my usual topcoat that is Sally Hansen Insta-Dri No Chip top coat.

So I finished painting my nails and I was quite satisfied with the result...until I got a notification saying that Pshiiit'd updated with a new post. That was an entry to The Sunday Nail Battle: DIY Sticky hosted by Tartinesetmoi and 10tubes. Of course I just had to participate xD I've chosen Orly You're Blushing as my tape color. You can see the result below.

This is the tape in the process of drying :D

And these are my nails, obviously %) (beware: pictures spam!)

Now you might wonder: Yulia, why would you do that when there exist such a thing as striping tape, which is also ridiculously cheap on ebay? The answer is: I don't have striping tape at the moment, I wanted to enter this contest badly and I couldn't get this design out of my mind ever since I'd seen that Illamasqua vid. 

The biggest problem with this manicure for isn't even that it's a hassle to do as you will want the stripes have the same width. It is that even though I gave it a generous coat of my topcoat I could still sense the stripe under it. And as I LOVE to nap on manicure...yes, 2 hours later the stripes were gone :p So either it requires 2 coats of topcoat or my scotch tape was too thick or i painted it too thick..anyway, there was something off about this mani :)  


  1. Hi sweety!
    I just found your blog and I love it, so you have a new follower!
    Why don't you visit my blog and share with me your opinion?
    My blog is also in English :)

  2. It's very pretty, and it really looks like striping tape... I don't have such patience to cut thin stripes out of tape haha :)
    I also love Sweetpea a lot, he might join my collection soon ;)

    1. Thanks ^_^ Yeah, it was a hassle, to be honest, but i was determined to try out this technique :) I'm so getting me some striping tape, though)

      Thank you for your comment, by the way, i really appreciate it ^^