Saturday, July 14, 2012

Zoya Robyn swatches & review

Hi everyone :) Today i'm showing you a polish i wore a couple of days ago, and despite minor issues with it, freaking adored it! I'm talking about Zoya Robyn.

Zoya Robyn is a very bright aqua blue cream. It's quite opaque, but i found its folmula to be a bit tricky to worth with. it's very prone to streaking and is not much forgiving. It also dries fast, so at some point it started to remind me of glue with some pigment added to it (or maybe it's just my imagination?). Anyway, although it's definitely a 2-coater (if you're accurate and precise enough), i needed 3 coats to even out any flaws. Major chipping started on the third day of wear, which is good for me but is a common experience with all Zoyas i've tried so far.

I love the color of this so much! I definitely have a thing for blues, aquas, turqs etc., but this one shall always have a special place in my stash and heart. It's vivid, eye-catching and just awesome. It also happens to be the same color as my boyfriend's arm's plaster (i did it on purpose and he loved it :D)

with flash

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