Saturday, July 7, 2012

Skinfood bl002 swatches & review

Hi people :) Today i'm gonna show you a cute korean nail polish, Skinfood bl002 from their milk nail polish series. Needless to say i'm in love with the bottles, and, tbh, they were the main reason why i ordered those (i have 9 of them) from eBay. 

Skinfood bl002 is a plain 2-coater creme. The color reminds me of green apples and Shrek :D I don't have the Who the Shrek Are You? by OPI to do a comparision, but i think they're at least alike, if not dupes. 
It's easy to apply, doesn't require much clean-up afterwards (and needs some at all because somebody has wobbly hands >_>), but it doesn't last long on me, unfortunately. I experience major cheaping already on the second day, and the next day while taking morning shower i could easily peel it off like if it was some sort of a film. 

The size is not big either, 8 ml i guess, it cost me something like 5$, shipping excluded, and it was the best deal i could find (the seller was really nice, too :)). Taking into account its rather poor longevity and the fact you can only get it in South Korea (i don't know about any retailers in the USA or Europe), i think you really need it only if you're as crazy about cute bottles as i am or because you need this particular shade or if Skinfood is vastly available where you live. 

Take care ^_^


  1. I don't think i have seen a similar color anywhere. I love it! Looks so fresh!