Wednesday, June 20, 2012

China Glaze For Audrey swatches & review

We all know her. The color is out-of-this-world, while the application..not so much. But we forgive her everything anyway :) She's China Glaze's For Audrey, one of my deepest crushes in the nail polish world, and yes, i'm adressing to her as if she was a real person :D

First time i decided to wear her i went my usual 2-medium-coats way, and it was a failure. It felt and looked so thick as if i had a pie on my nails. I ordered Orly's nail polish thinner, waited for it to arrive, and when it did, first thing i did was add a decent amount of it to my bottle of Audrey. Then i let her be for a week, and a couple of days ago she was pulled out of my stash for a second try. 

She was still thick, but more manageable than last time. I still might add more thinner to her, but i don't know yet, because i think i've worked out a way to take advantage of her thickness - apply one medium coat then cover the bald spots, if any, with more polish. The result is sort of 1,25 coats plus a generous coat of INM Out The Door. It's psychologically hard for me, as i'm used to applying 2 coats, 3 if necessary. A single coat of a polish makes me feel my manicured is sort of unfinished. But i did it, and you can see the result in the pictures.

It's still not perfect. She dried faster than when i applied 2 coats, but you should sit really still for the first 5 minutes or so, because this is when the polish is really thick but not dry, so every inaccurate move can lead to you having to start over, and personally i hate when it happens. Surprisingly, this technique made my nails look ridged, which they're fortunately not, and i buff my nail surface ever so slightly each time i'm going to paint them. I might have applied not enough of Out The Door, though, and it's known to create a similar effect. 

All in all, For Audrey is stubborn as hell, fastidious...but i love her anyway and i won't give her to anyone :D

PS am i the only one whose swatches get washed out when uploaded to Blogger?


  1. This colour looks gorgeous!

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