Wednesday, October 24, 2012

31 days challenge. Day 7: black&white nails

First of all, I'm officially of age now! Can't buy strong alcohol like vodka or tequila 'till i'm 21, but as for the rest it's a carte-blanche :)

This day's been preventing me from going on with the 31DC for too long. For some reason I found it so hard to create a black&white look, though I love the way these 2 basic colors look together and there are so many nail art ideas out there. But when my BornPrettyStore order arrived, I knew I couldn't keep putting it off anymore.

First I wanted to stick on some lace, then stamp (yes, my stamping plates from Llarowe've arrived!), then do stripes...this is what I ended up doing - a look inspired by one of Lucy's Stash manicures. 

I started by painting on 2 coats of Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear White on, then, using dotting tools of different sizes, dotted 3 black dots in descending order (i'm using Sophin Ceramic 02) and, finally, applied golden round studs in 3 different diameters from BornPrettyStore with a pair of tweezers. I finished the manicure with a generous coat of INM Out The Door to seal and prolong it. You need to be really careful with this step, because there's a change of smudging your pretty nails if you're not.

Thoughts: I want to touch my nails all the time :D And I received a ton of comments from men today, which means success to me :)

7 down, 24 to go!